Monday, February 22, 2010


Winter is still here in New Jersey so we have been up to much lately. We, like everyone, have had a lot of snow. Last year when we went in the snow Oliver hated it. That is not the case this year at all. He loves it. He wants to be outside playing in the snow all of the time. He is a much better sport about being cold than I am.

We've been having a lot of play dates and just trying to keep busy. He is still crazy about his trains and loves playing with the train table he got for Christmas. Oliver pays attention to everything we say and do. It's so funny the things he picks up on. Saturday night Anthony asked me what I wanted to do that night and before I could answer Oliver said "how about we take a nap and than we play trains. How about we do that guys?"

We went into NYC this weekend to go to an art museum. He was great there. He especially liked all of the pictures of the naked ladies. For some reason he calls breasts "beeps". When we went onto a floor with less naked pictures he said "where all the beeps go?". That night when we asked him what his favorite painting was he said "dancing beeps". We think he is talking about the big Matisse painting with the naked ladies dancing.

Last week we got to go swimming. Kim and her family belong to this cool family gym. They have this huge indoor pool with a big kids section. He loved being in the water. The kids section went up to four feet deep. When Eloise tried to get him to go into the deeper section he stopped when the water was at his shoulders and said "No. I'm too short". We even tried putting a life jacket on him so he could float in the deeper section, but he kept saying "I'm too short".

It is a little warmer today so we played outside for a while this afternoon. It was so nice to be able to do that. I hope warmer weather is on it's way.