Wednesday, March 3, 2010

funny stuff

Yesterday all day Oliver was walking around saying the funniest things. I kept saying to myself I'm going to write it down on the blog because it is so nice to have a place to record these memories. I know how I've been. If I don't write it down here in a month or sooner it's completely gone. My plan was to do it when he napped. But that didn't happen. I've been so tired lately. This weather is just killing me. I'm so sick of it. I have so little motivation. I really need to make myself snap out of it. Instead of writing everything down I read in bed. Oh well.

So this morning I'm doing it. As it is I forget most of yesterday. My days are pretty similar.

Oliver goes a mile a minute. He is always saying something. Right until he falls asleep he is talking to the animals in his crib. I heard him telling his monkey that he could have a banana after he woke up in the morning. I think that is in response to me just telling him that he couldn't have cookies in his crib that he could have cookies after breakfast.

Yesterday morning he kept going up to one of our cats and putting his hand on her back while saying "so what's the problem?" He kept asking her over and over again while bringing her different things to play with to see if that made her feel better. I realized that I say that exact phrase to him, but not exactly that same way. He was saying it so sweetly. I say it much more exasperated.

We are at the point with him where you have to watch everything you say. He repeats everything back. We were goofing around with his stuffed monkeys, Curious George and Monk. I took George and asked him what his name was. We've been working on Oliver's full name so I thought he would say "George Licata or more like George Cata". No. Instead he said "George Bush". Which is really funny and a little strange because we don't talk about politics much at all. I'm not saying we don't know anything about what is going on in the world, but it's rare for us to be talking about politics. But we did spend the weekend with Mae and Joe who do talk a lot of politics. They even babysat while we went to the movie's. We saw Crazy/Heart. It was amazing. I think while we were gone they went over some things with Oliver. Either them or Gretchen Carlson. :)

We had such a great visit with Mae and Joe. Oliver loved seeing everyone. I'm glad we are coming in again soon.

As I said earlier I've been pretty lazy and uninpsired so I haven't taken any new photos of Oliver this week. How many pictures can we have of him in his snowsuit? I do have pictures from the weekend, but I haven't downloaded them yet. But that is on my list to do later. I'll post some pictures later.