Friday, April 9, 2010

catching up

I'm not sure where March went. For the most part the weather was great and we were busy playing outside or at the park. Oliver is getting big. We started working on potty training and he is doing great with it. He finally seems like he is eating better too. He'll at least try new things. Lately he loves to say to me "Mommy try this. You'll like it." After I try it and say I liked it he'll say "I told you."

He is really growing up. The other day while I was changing him I told him that he is getting so big. Oliver told me that is because he is growing up. Later that day he opened the refrigerator and said he wanted something. I asked him what he wanted and he said wine. I told him he wasn't old enough for wine and he said to me "but Mommy I'm growing up".

We visited a friend this week who is pregnant. She is out of her first trimester and finally feeling a lot better. She said to me several times that she was happy that she has her energy back. In the car on the way home Oliver said to me "Mommy. I finally have my energy back". I thought maybe I heard him wrong so I asked his to say it again and sure enough that is what he said. I didn't even think he was listening to us.

It is funny hearing him use those grown up phrases. There are probably twenty more silly stories that I could tell about things Oliver is saying. It seems like all day he comes up with one funny thing after the other.