Monday, August 2, 2010

week one

A week ago today we started construction on our house. We are redoing our kitchen and finishing the basement. I promised myself and Anthony that I would try very hard not to stress about the whole thing. It doesn't sound that hard for a normal person, but
I'm such a worrier and stress pot. I keep telling myself that the construction is a good thing and it is nothing to worry about.

So far so good. Anthony even said to me the other day that he was surprised at how calm I was being. Coming from him that's a big compliment. I wish I could be like him. He can just push any worry or bad thought out of his head. I on the other hand have to twist and turn a worry until it is ten times worse.

They are making good progress on the kitchen. I told them I wanted that to be the priority. The builders said three weeks. I don't want to jinx it, but so far so good. I might not be worrying, but I'm still very superstitious. I can't give everything up.

Everything is all over the place. We had to pack up the kitchen and most of the basement. The first day they took down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. We have our dining room set up as a temporary kitchen. That night I went to cook dinner, but realized that all of the outlets were in the wall they took down. We looked for an extension cord and couldn't find one anywhere. So that night I cooked chili in the bathroom and rice in the bedroom.

Oliver has been great through the whole thing. The first two days he kept saying they were too loud and he wanted them to leave. He was confused and thought they were knocking the whole house down. He asks to go down to his new playroom even though we've explained that there is nothing there yet. We let him ride his bike down there. He's happy about that.

On Thursday we went to my parents for the weekend. It was my Mom's birthday and we celebrated it twice while we were there. The night of the second celebration we asked Oliver if he had fun. Oliver said "it wasn't really Grandma's birthday party it was a pretend birthday." We asked him why and he said "because there weren't real candles on the cake only pretend candles." He had a good point so we didn't argue with him.

While we were at my parents we went to the beach. Oliver really liked it. He spent most of the day digging in the sand. He didn't like the sand all over his hands or in his shoes. He kept asking me to wipe the sand off of everything. Getting away for a couple of days made dealing with the construction a lot easier.

I hope this week goes as smoothly as last week. Although no one showed up today.