Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010


So far June has been a big month. Oliver turned two and half, our niece Andrea is staying with us while she works in NYC, and our town pool opened.

It is great having Andrea here. Oliver loves it. The other day Andrea got Oliver dressed for bed and she put him in a purple t-shirt. The next morning when I was changing him he did not want to take off the shirt because it was Andrea's favorite. Eventually I got him to change. But that night when Andrea got home and was wearing a purple shirt Oliver insisted on putting the purple shirt on so they could match.

He likes to watch as Andrea does her Wii Fit. One day he was asking to watch Andrea's show with the hoop dee hoop. Andrea finally realized he wanted to watch her do this hula hoop thing on the Wii. Now he has started to do yoga with her. I can't believe how much he pays attention to it. He'll watch the screen and try to move his body to match it. After each pose he'll say "that was easy".

He has been copying everything we say for awhile, but luckily he hasn't picked up any bad words. We all try to be careful, but some slip through. The other day Anthony bought life jackets for all of us for his canoe. He got a small one for Oliver. We put it on him and he immediately wanted to take it off because as he said "this one sucks. I want the big one." Oops.

So far Oliver's twos are going really well. We have hardly (fingers crossed) had any tantrums. The big difficult thing he does is to be completely contrary. His response to everything is "No" even if it is a good thing like ice cream. He'll catch it and change to yes. If we are outside he wants to be inside and vice versa. It gets old fast so hopefully he'll outgrow it fast.

The other thing is when he wants something he wants it NOW. I've been telling him a lot he needs to be more patient and his has to wait. On Saturday I was sitting outside reading. Oliver opened the front door, poked his head out, and yelled to me "Mommy can you get me some patience?" I told to ask his father for some. I heard him ask Anthony for some patience, but Anthony misunderstood him and thought he was asking for some pigeons. I tried to explain to Oliver what patience meant and he quickly told me he didn't want any after all.

Besides being a very poor blogger (I'm a great blogger late at night in my head.) I've been very lax on my picture taking. We took a ton of pictures over Memorial day weekend, but I still haven't gone threw them all. I need to be better about that too. If only I had some more time.