Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here are my cream puffs

They came out really good. I liked the green tea ones a lot. They weren't the prettiest. They actually looked a lot like little santas/the travelocity gnome. But they tasted great.


Ray and Tammy said...

They look good to me! :-) Yum!! I have not eaten a cream puff in ages.......


Susie Homemaker said...

hi there! i can't even fathom how you managed to find my little blog...maybe you will enlighten me?!
as for those whopper cookies - well, no temp was given, so I guessed and did 350. (always a good guess, i think!)

and your little cream puffs - now that i have to make them all the time, i finally read somewhere that to get a nice shape, just wet your finger and smooth it out - it works like a charm!! however, i happen to like gnomes!!