Thursday, November 6, 2008

11 months old

Wow Oliver's tenth month flew by. It is so different than when we were celebrating these monthly birthdays without him.

He is doing great. Very very busy. He is starting to walk. Although not in his costume. He loves yelling and chasing the cats. Most of all he loves throwing his toys through the cat door.

We had a full weekend. Halloween and his party at Frank and Diane's.

He seemed indifferent to Halloween. He didn't mind his penguin costume which was nice. He liked sitting in his stroller and watching all of the kids run around the neighborhood.

The party was so much fun. We were glad the rest of the family got to meet Oliver. He loved meeting almost all of his cousins, Aunts, and Uncles. We can't wait until Christmas when he can meet the rest.

A big thank you to Frank, Diane and everyone who did so much for the party. It means so much to us.


Julie and Dean said...

Cutest picture I have seen in a loooong time! You made my day.

Lisa said...

This kid cracks me up. So sanguine. 'You want me to be a penguin? OK, I'll be a penguin.'

Logan & Becky said...

What a cute penguin!

angie said...

Such a cute little "bird". :) Ah, someone that loves Jane Austen as much as I do. :)