Tuesday, August 11, 2009

where have we been?

I can not believe how time has been flying by. Wasn't it just Memorial day weekend?

Our summer has been great. We have seen so many friends and a lot of family. Oliver has loved all the attention. I feel like he has changed so much these last months. He really is a big boy now. He is talking up a storm. He is repeating everything we say. I mean everything. Down to my ums. I apparently say that a lot especially when I'm looking for something or standing in front of the fridge. He'll just lean against the fridge and say "um".

He is really into trains. That's his big toy right now. He brings a train with him where ever we go. As we walk into a store he'll show it to the first person he sees and say "choo choo". He likes to knock one train over and say "help help". He'll get another train to push the train that's been knocked over back up. Than he says "thank you".

We joined our town pool so we've been spending a lot of time there playing with our friends. He loves the water. He loves to kick, splash, drink, and jump in it. I signed him up for swim lessions for the fall. I think he is going to love it.

The past couple of days we have been teaching him to say ciao and give kisses on the cheek. We are getting him ready for our trip to Europe. We leave this weekend. We can't wait. We are going to visit Anthony's family in Belgium and than we are traveling to Paris and Stockholm. Anthony's parents are going to be with us in Belgium. I'm so glad we are all getting to take this trip together.

This last week running around getting ready for our trip reminds me so much of last August when we were getting ready to go to Vietnam. It's crazy because that trip is behind us and now we are planning a big family vacation. There were times last summer when I never thought we would get to this point.

We will definitely post pictures while we are there.

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Christine said...

Have a wonderful trip!! Glad to hear Oliver is having such a wonderful summer!