Friday, July 2, 2010


Today has been one of those perfect summer days. The sky is bright blue and there is a warm breeze. I wish every summer day could be like this. It has been so hot here. This weekend it will be back up to 90. My sister in law JoEllen says that she tries not to complain about the weather in the summer because she complains so much about the cold in the winter. I'm usually the same way. I hardly ever put the a/c on. But this summer seems hotter.

Luckily, our town pool opened full time this week. Oliver loves going there. I forgot how easy our days our in the summer. Everything is more relaxed.

I can't believe that it was a year ago that we were at the pool. This year flew by. There were some babies at the pool today. Seeing them next to Oliver was funny. He looked big. He can go into the big pool this year since he is potty trained. They won't let him wear any swimmies in the big pool which means I have to go in with him the whole time. Right now he is happier at the baby pool. I hope it lasts.

Last night Oliver and I were outside as the sun was starting to set. Oliver came running over to me and he looked very upset. When I asked him what was wrong he said he couldn't find his shadow anywhere. I took him to a spot with some sun and he was very happy. He asked me if I could take a picture of his shadow so that he could always see it. So I did.

I hope everyone has a fun Fourth of July.


Christine said...

Ok... At's just too cute about his shadow!!!

And i agree, It feels hotter this year. A lot hotter! I wonder if it is because last year was such a washout?!

Julie and Dean said...

It's always so great to see updates on your blog. So glad to hear you are all enjoying summer.

Becky and Logan said...

So big! It goes by so fast! Oliver is adorable!