Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Go team Fine

We had such an amazing time at Chris and Kelly's wedding. I'm just feeling back to myself today. Sad, but true.

It was great to be back at U. of S. It was a little weird at first to be standing outside of the chapel and look around. I missed all of our friends from school, but then I remembered we didn't spend much time in or out of the chapel. I'm sure Susie will claim she did.

But back to the wedding. Kelly looked so beautiful and Chris so handsome. I didn't take too many photos and none of the ones of them came out. Anthony gave a great speech. We laughed so hard with all of Chris' Haverford friends.

I just checked my pictures and none are really appropriate for Oliver's blog. But I'll post three: One of Joe, Chris, and Anthony at Farley's, one of Anthony and I at the wedding, and Brian, Anthony, Donnie, and Billy.

I can't wait to see everyone this weekend at Aaron and Taralyn's house. I'm sad Libby won't be there. Kristen karaoke won't be the same without you.

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