Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Pictures


Dana said...

Leigh, congratulations on getting new pictures. Isn't it wonderful?!?! I think the baby in the red looks a little like Leanne Schellhorn's baby, Emma, but I'm not sure. My little peanut, Samantha, is the one in the bottom picture on the far right standing up.

Dana D.

Leigh and Anthony said...

Thanks Dana. Samantha is so cute. I can't wait for you to go get her. Two weeks! Very soon.

Ashley said...

Leigh, I am SOOOOO happy to have found your blog! I am adding your blog to my favorites right now!Congratulations! What beautiful pictures of the babies...makes me want to cry! Can you even sleep at night? I'm so excited for you and Anthony.
xoxo Ashley

Julie and Dean said...

I see a doctor in your future!
He is beautiful! So glad to see you received updated pictures.

Julie and Dean said...

p.s. I know who the baby in red is:
I think these 2 make a very cute couple.