Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Mae and Joe came for a visit for Oliver's birthday and for Mae's birthday. One day we went into the city to see the tree and go to all of the shops. Everything looked so pretty. It was so cold. Joe and Anthony forgot to bring hats. Or more like they didn't think they would need them so they didn't bring them. But they were freezing. After some great bargaining by Joe they both got some warm hats. We had a fun day and it really got us excited for the holidays.

Oliver and I were working on Christmas shopping today. We went to a bunch of stores. At one point we were trying to walk quickly back to our car, but no one was letting us cross the street. We started to go and this woman came speeding past us. I was annoyed because not only did she not let us cross but she was really close. So I yelled "thanks lady" to which Oliver yelled "your welcome lady". He is such a funny silly boy. We love him so much.


Christine said...

That photo of him with the glasses is absolutely priceless!

kim said...

ollie is such a sweetie! eloise was pretending to save him from sharks today.