Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friday cutoff

Our beautiful baby boy's name is Oliver Joseph.

We were pretty sure of his name for a while and honestly I have been telling some people for a couple of months, but Anthony wanted to think about it a little longer. We took out a lot of baby name books from the library. One that I recommend is The Baby Name Wizard.

We named him Oliver because we like it and Joseph after Anthony's Dad. I hope everyone likes it and most of all I hope Oliver likes it.


Julie and Dean said...

It's a beautiful name :)

Leeshie said...

I love it!

Jessica said...

My son Kai shares your son's birthdate (but 1 year earlier) and was also at BaVi. Just wanted to say that I love the name and my gosh, he *looks* like an Oliver! :)
Jessica and Kai

Steve & Lynn said...

It's a great name! :)