Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thanks for stopping by

We are really touched that so many people looked at our blog and posted comments. It was so sweet of everyone. We received four more pictures yesterday from Beth's visit to the orphanage. He is still very chubby. In one of them he rolled over and it seems like he is pushing himself up. I was talking to my best friend Kim,who's daughter Eloise just turned 2, and I asked her if she remembered what Ellie was doing at 5 months. She wasn't entirely sure, but she reminded me that I have a bunch of parenting books that I've never looked at and they could tell me. A bunch of people have been so generous and given/loaned us all kinds of things. Most things we have packed up because...well just because. Anyway, it hit me that we have moved forward and it is time for me to start looking at some of that stuff. It just made me smile today. So did Anh's picture.

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