Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What else?

So we've posted pictures of our beautiful baby boy and we have given our son a name so what's next?

I've been kind of worried about what I'm going to be able to post on our blog. It will be a while before we bring Oliver home. This next process is going to be pretty slow and there isn't going to be a lot of adoption news to post.

So I need to find some other things to post about. There are always stories about our cats, Alli, Sadie, and Artemis. Yes. We have three cats and we know three cats. I love to cook so I think I'll start posting some recipes. We have a large family. I have one brother, Anthony has six siblings, and we have 17 nieces and nephews. We have an amazing group of friends who are really our family too. We are so lucky to have them. We could have a separate blog about their kids who have completely stolen our hearts.

A week ago Anthony did something pretty cool. He interviewed John McCain. Anthony is the Editor of Field & Stream magazine. He's working on setting up an interview with the Democratic nominee too. This blog is so not going to be political. But I mean Anthony talked to Senator John McCain. He could be the next President. It is so crazy.

They had professional pictures taken for the magazine, but our friend Amanda took some pictures too. My contribution was buying his tie.

I can't figure out how to have the pictures at the bottom of the post. Oh well.


Dennis & Kathy Irwin said...

Leigh -- The tie makes the picture! Exciting to meet John McCain!!!

Ray and Tammy said...

Wow! That is neat that he met John McCain, regardless of any political views.....that man has lived through a lot.
About the picture....just take your mouse place it over the picture when you are writing your post, and drag it down to the place you want it. (Hope that makes sense..:-)