Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feeling Better

Oliver is doing much better. His breathing is better, he's happier, and he's playing quite a bit. He's still not doing such a good job keeping his bottle down, but he's eating cereal, baby food, and drinking juice. He's definitely getting better every day.

We go back to the doctor's tomorrow for a follow-up.

It seems like several of the babies from our orphanage had bronchitis. Most of them who were adopted with Ollie have coughs and are getting treated. Unfortunately Ollie's wasn't knocked out by the first round of anitbiotics and flared up badly right before we were to fly home. Oh well. The important thing is he's getting better. We'll be home later this week. I hope the poor babies still in the orphanage are doing ok.

Tony and Leigh

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Alyssa said...

Hello. I just posted an email to you on the PLAN VN Yahoo group. I wanted to let you know that our son, Zachary, who we picked up last August had what sounds like exactly what Oliver has. All of the babies were a little sick and on meds but Zachary seemed to get worse again after getting better. Zachary, like Oliver, had to get IV meds, chest x-rays and a nebulizer. He was also throwing up his bottles. It was so sad. We were scheduled to leave early and ended up staying for Zach to get strong enough to fly.

It all sounds SO familiar. After a few days of the nebulizer, Zach was much better. He did really well on our flights home. We were given an inhaler to use on the plane if he needed it. But he didn't. We were so thankful for all that the SOS doctors did for him. They were wonderful.

Also, make sure you bring your x-rays home. Your pediatrician might want to see them. Ours did. Zachary still needs a nebulizer sometimes when he gets sick. We are hoping now that he is older and stronger, it will be less often.

Good luck with your travels home and congrats on your adorable little boy!