Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday in Ha Noi

Just a quick post this morning. Ollie is taking a nap, and we're trying to get stuff together so that when he wakes we're ready to hit the town and do some shopping. 

Yesterday we went to the literature temple, which was beautiful. And then we walked around a bit. It was hot and we were thirsty, so while Ollie slept in the sling, mom and dad stopped at a bia hoi place (means fresh beer) for a cold draft beer and a snack. The usual deal--small place, little stools, tasty food (we had fried rice and almost ordered the "rooster"), and again Ollie was the hit of the place. Once he woke up, the proprietor scooped him up and held him, carried him around the place, let all the other customers fool with him, while we ate. 

Here are some pictures from that, as well as a few from earlier in the week, including Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum. We'll try to write more later tonight, but today is my birthday, so we want to spend the day out and about, not in front of the computer. 

Tony and Leigh


Mary said...

Happy Birthday little brother! I'm very happy you got just what you wanted for your birthday.


kim said...

I am crying. Just read your entire blog. So happy for you. How great too that you are loving Oliver's birthplace-to take him back to someday(s). You two are the BEST parents for Ollie, he will be so happy!

Candice & Josh said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you enjoy your day.

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday! Isn't that wonderful how they dote on Oliver! Mmmmm...more yummy food!