Thursday, September 25, 2008

We're done!

We have Oliver's passport and most important we have his visa to come into the US. That's it. He's ours and we can come home. Luckily, we were able to get on an earlier flight. We are leaving Hanoi on Saturday. We land late Saturday night in Newark.

We went out to celebrate with two other wonderful families. The Bensons and Harrisons. They also adopted beautiful babies from our orphanage (the beautiful Madeleine and handsome Nam) Along for the ride is Alexander, Katrina and Adam's son, whom Ollie just loves. Alexander is 4 and he thinks we have all moved to Vietnam. The babies are thriving. It was so fun to celebrate. We kept on saying that we couldn't believe that this is it. It felt like the last day of camp.

Mom and Dad are watching Oliver tomorrow morning while we go to our cooking class. We are going to the market too. I asked Anthony to steer me away from the dog section. Wish us luck!


Rob & Beth Rizzo said...

Congrats!!! Wonderful news and what a feeling to know the three of you will be state-side in a little over 48 hours! Safe travels. Beth & Rob

Rob & Beth Rizzo said...

Also, love the picture of you and Oliver in your matching red plaid shirts! You're very own mini-me (sans facial hair!). Beth