Sunday, March 29, 2009


Remember when we first got home from Vietnam and Oliver refused to wear shoes. Well that is long gone. He loves wearing shoes. He'll wear any shoes he can get his hands on. I wear a lot of flats so they are perfect for him. He slips them on, clops around, and goes about his business. It is so cute and funny. I have to hide one of my pairs because he won't leave them alone. The other day I had them on. He was trying to pull them off. When that didn't work he tried to slip his foot in over mine.

Last week I bought him a pair of chuck taylor's. I couldn't resist. Plus Anthony had a similar pair when we were in college. He is so cute in them. He looks like a little hipster.


Christine said...

That's too funny!! I might need to lock up my shoes if that is the case. Although Spencer just got 11 pairs from a neighbor today of his *own* to wear!

The Hines Family said...

Those are adorable! :-)