Sunday, March 15, 2009

Six months

This was our first free weekend in a long time. We ran some errands, played, went out to dinner, and went for a hike. We bought Oliver a table. When we were in California he loved sitting at Elise's table.

He loves his table too. Anthony put together the table first. While he was working on the chairs Oliver took matter into his own hands. He pushed over a chair from the dining room. He got himself on it and sat very proudly at his new table. He is so funny.

Time is flying by and it is hard to remember a time when Oliver wasn't with us, but today is the six month anniversary of when we got Oliver from the orphanage. It is hard to put into words how happy we are and how much better he makes everything that we do. We are incredibly lucky.


Julie and Dean said...

He is a cutie! Love that face.
I haven't had much luck with the info I was trying to get for you. I'm still working it though.
Happy 6 months!

Ashley said...

Hi Leigh, Happy 6 months!! Wow, your little guy is too adorable for words! Little boys just melt my heart....
:) Ashley

Christine said...

Happy Six Months!!

That story him taking things into his own hands is too funny!

The Hines Family said...

Oliver is SO cute! I love that he pushed a big chair over for his little table! What a smart cookie! :-)

Yaya said...

Cute hat! ;)