Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I feel like Oliver has changed a lot this last month. He listens and pays attention to more than I realized. He can get impatient with food and his bottle. When I tell him wait I guess I do this thing with my hands. I put it up like what most people do for wait. This weekend I said something about waiting and I didn't even realize he was listening. I looked at Oliver and I realized he was doing the thing with his hand.

He is starting to say a lot of words and he is really into animals. By far his favorite is his duck. This morning when I went to get him I said good morning and he said duck. He runs around the house yelling quack. He tries to give our cats his stuffed duck and when they won't take it he throws it at them. We were at my Mom and Dad's house this weekend for Easter. (you can tell by the pictures we aren't home. How does she keep her floors so clean?) Anyway, they live by a pond. Oliver would look out the window and make his what's happening thing he does with his hands and say duck. Really cute.

He has started getting picky with his food, but his loves his bottle (bop). He is always asking for his bop. Sometimes it can get tricky because they way he says up is bup. Usually we can figure it out.

It is so much fun to watch him change and grow.


unconfidentialcook.com said...

Thanks so much for stopping by....Your baby is adorable!

Christine said...

So cute!! (As always!)

Jennifer C. said...

He is precious! This is a fun age! So much to explore and discover!