Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sorry for the food posts

I love to cook and it is rare that I make a recipe as it is written down. I'm finding that when I go back to make recipes again I can't exactly remember what I did to it. I thought it might be helpful to me if I started writing them down here.

Oliver is talking up a storm. Mostly only things we can understand. He learns anything to do with food very fast. He knows the word for cracker except he calls it crack. We were in the supermarket and he saw a box of crackers. He started screaming "crack" "crack". The other morning for breakfast he kept asking for crack. He would push his yogurt away and say "crack". It's hard not to laugh. His other big word is duck. He thinks all birds are ducks.

Screaming at the ducks/birds in the yard


Jennifer C. said...

Hilarious! Too cute:) Can't wait until Sarah starts to talk. We have a delay because of her cleft palate surgery. Now that surgery is completed,the Dr gave us a Rx for speech therapy. We will be starting soon.

Julie and Dean said...

OH it's so great to see updated pictures. Oliver looks so good.
he is so darn cute!!! Glad to hear he is talking up a storm. It's so fun isn't it?!!

The Hines Family said...

That is too cute! Molly also calls all birds "duck!" :-)