Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The weather took a crazy turn last Friday. It got seriously hot. I was glad to see that winter was gone, but was a little surprised that we went right into summer. We've had some really hot days which has meant we've been outside a lot. It was been great. Oliver loves being outside. But our little boy who hated to wear shoes and socks now hates to not wear shoes and socks outside. He will not walk barefoot on the steps, walkway, grass, deck, or driveway. It's really funny to watch. He'll take one step. Stop and put one of his feet up. He stays that way until I go over to him and pick him up. My Mom bought him some sandals and that are helping, but he doesn't love them either. It is no big deal and I'm sure he'll get use to it, but it is funny to watch him once you set him down with no shoes or socks.

At one point on Sunday it was so hot. I was running out of summer clothes for him. I didn't buy that much yet since it is only April 28th. Oliver was running around in his diaper with his socks on. Very stylish. Actually, he spent a lot of the weekend just in his diaper. He looked so cute with his big belly hanging over.

You'll see in the pictures he is drooling more than he usually does (which is a lot anyway) so I really think he is getting some teeth. My friend Dana gave me some teething tablets that are really helping. I would highly recommend them. They are Humphreys. They are all natural homeopathic teething tablets.

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